July 11-30

Last month has probably  been the most crazy, fun, and busy month I have ever had. Here’s some of the fun things I got to do…

     I was offered the chance to go to a mission camp by my church; which was a big thing for me, because our family never has the time for it.

     When I got all my luggage from our car and took it to the van, I felt more nervous than I thought I would feel; my stomach leaped with excitement, but  when my friends surrounded me, somehow I felt more comfortable. I knew that I wasn’t the only one who felt that way. When we got on the van we  talked about our parent’s ghost stories. When we got to the camp we all made our beds, and while some of the others were unpacking I found a piece of crumpled up note-book paper, stuck in my bed. I looked at it and it read…

Run… Run…Run it’s coming!!

It was pretty fun thinking there was a ghost, after I showed every body the letter. If something odd happened we said G.G (Ghost George) did it!! We named the ghost after a ghost in a story we heard on the way to camp. For my first camp experience, I think that camp is a  good way to share with people you meet, even if it means working with them.

The next BIG thing that happened is my Aunt and her children came to visit for a week. We went hiking and played near a water fall almost all day…


The next big thing that happened, was two days later.

We went to Carowinds! It was so fun I thought that day was the most fun I ever had (plus the hottest).

A   couple of days later, we got to see my cousins’ play at the Barter theater. They performed the play “The Sound of Music”. It was really good!  My cousin and I  went around watching other plays, but then we went to my aunt’s house  and talked.  

Then our family went with our aunt and uncle and their kids, to go horse back riding. It was very fun, especially since this was my first time riding without someone leading me. Afterwards, we went out to eat and got ice cream.

The days we were not doing anything are the days my family gardens and cans with some friends of our,but this was probably  the most fun month I’ll ever have.



(=^.^=) Kittens (Again)

     So every year we have little kittens popping up every where, (I’m guessing we are the only family around our area that has outdoor cats.) we have cat food outside, which is probably the reason why their mothers put them here. but this year we found a little brown, tabby kitten and a solid, black kitten, they are so cute, and they stick together. ❤      I’ve been working on getting them socialized, so we can take them to a  animal shelter, 002.JPG

this one is my favorite, he has a little “M” on his forehead. The black kitten is very hard to take picture ’cause he seems to be always moving. 😛

     Our puppy loves cats, he likes to watch me play with the kittens in our garden, he’ll make whimpering noises from the porch, knowing if he barks, he’ll scare  them off.



Solar Eclipse

Sorry I haven’t been posting regularly, (my friend says I should  have a schedule, but what if nothing happens, or I have nothing to post about? So I’ll write what I feel lead to write about 🙂 . )

So I bet you all heard about the solar eclipse on August 21, 2017 my mom was desperate  to see the full solar eclipse, so we went to Dry Falls with my parents, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and friends. We looked everywhere for a good place to stay and wait, my dad found a great place near a post office, then it got really cloudy, so we prayed, and prayed for it to clear up, it was like 5 minutes till totality. We all started to panic. We had gotten every thing out for our lunch, so we threw it all in the car we drove (well, we went pretty fast 😛 ) down the mountain, I spotted the moon just barely in front of the sun, I told my mom and we pulled over, all of our family followed, with their cars, my cousins and I laid down on the  ground and watched (we didn’t need glasses ’cause the clouds were thin enough to see through) we got only a glance  of the sun at totality, then a little later we saw the solar flare, it was super cool, (we had know that our prayer had answered.) after it got light again we went to the water fall and played…


My cousins played, us older ones climbed on the rocks and waded, then we all left and went home.




So for the fourth of July I went to visit our family, my cousins and I go straight up to the woods but this time we went to the apple tree :D,  we saw baby turkeys (called poults or chicks) and they were so cute. We talked and picked black raspberries, I wasn’t really tuned in to the conversation when I stumbled across a fawn, I called out for my cousins they picked it up and petted it. It felt like I was petting a dirty dog it had ticks and bugs on it, it was so sweet though 😀 . Before we could set it down it screamed we let it run and then we ran as fast as we could, because the mom could come and attack us.

I drew a picture of how I remembered it 🙂


Bear !

If you have a lot of wooded areas around your home you have probably seen a bear or two. Well, the other day I saw a black bear roaming around a yard. I was probably fifteen feet away from it, not that big of a deal but I panicked I tried to think of what I could do if I started to attack me, I was near some long grass so I slowly walked backwards  watching every step the bear took. The bear seemed to be more curious of the dogs barking, then me so I slid under the trailer house and tried to figure out what way to go. I was close to a path behind our fence I was so happy it was there I quickly ran up the path making sure nothing was following me, my cat Mica decided to scare me real bad by attacking me feet as I ran past the shed 😛 once I was in the house I was laughing so hard. I was the only one in my family that has seen a bear up close three times. 🙂


Here are do and don’t tips if you meet a black bear…

  • DO back away slowly.
  •  DO watch the bear, they usually run away if they realize your there if you are far away.
  • DON’T  climb a tree (they will beat you to the top).
  • DON’T try attacking the bear.

I hope this helps you, please comment down below what you would you like me to post about next I’m almost out of ideas. 🙂



This month I decided to help with V.B.S (Vacation-Bible-School) I have really enjoyed it I have three preschoolers who are happy and excited to help every day.

     V.B.S is a church program were kids get to come every day for five days and learn about Jesus and stories that happened before Him.

Two of my kids are part of our church and the other one comes for church activities. Me and my Reba were so nervous, but really it felt like being in V.B.S all over again 🙂 . We made crafts, read bible stories, we have snack based on our bible story, played games and then we watched a video about somebody who had to rely on Jesus to take them through the hard times. The kids I have this is their first time doing V.B.S. I will definitely be doing V.B.S next year. 😉



Being thirteen, I take my creativeness as a God-given talent, I remember looking at my mom’s drawings, I would think I would never be able to draw as good as her, now all my friends think I’m great at drawing. I draw mostly at night I feel more creative, (if you know what I mean). I have drawn several pictures and I thought you would like to see them…

My oldest picture I could find is this one of Babar the Elephant


The next one was inspired by Angelina Ballerina but it’s actually a bear…


This one I did yesterday I have never done a portrait of a specific person and this one isn’t person I know 😛 …

This might be my favorite portrait. The eyes are my favorite part they’re so pretty 😀 😛 😉




Roan Mountain

     This weekend my family went camping at Roan Mountain State Park. We camped Friday till Sunday.

     The first day was nice, we set up our pop up and got ready for my aunt and uncle to come, they were also camping but they would be arriving later.We played in the creek and played with some Red Spotted Efts. It started raining and the pop up started to leak, we also forgot the several things so we went to Wal-Mart and got them along with necessary camping chips and candy 🙂 and of course something to seal the pop up

     When we came back it started raining again, it stopped thankfully before my aunt and uncle came. We visited a little bit and ate supper.Then it REALLY started raining I cleared the back of the car so Chestnut (our puppy) could stay dry.  We didn’t have a fire that night but either way we didn’t have wood.     

The next day we woke up and got ready, the kids found several snails, the were really cool we went back to the camp site and caught more of those Red Spotted Efts we filed the bottom of a mason jar…

so awesome 😉

After lunch we went down to the river to play and it was sooo cold, finally I got used to the temperature of the water. I slid down the rocks, jumped off logs, and splashed around…

camping 019
The river was super strong I was helping my brother and sister  a lot 🙂




     When we came back to the camp we dried off and played, it was so pretty sence it stopped raining. Later we played in the river again then we tried getting a fire going, and we did!…


 Then we ate supper and went to bed in the morning we packed and left.It was such a good trip I enjoyed it very much. 🙂 😉 😛



My family decided to get a shih tzu puppy, so we started a budget. (not my favorite words, but if you really want to save up for something, it works) Every week we would have more and more money for the puppy. We would look at advertisements on the papers and compare the prices online; finally after band practice my sister ran up to me crying,

“Get ready! Get ready! We found the  puppy we are going to buy!”

You could tell that she was happy so was my brother! Once we left, it was talk, talk ,talk about what the puppy’s name would, or if it would be a boy or a girl.

When we got their, there were six cute squirming shih tzu puppies in a large box daddy picked our puppy out, his coat is white with large brown and tiny black spots my brother decided on the name Chestnut.

Here are a few pics of Chestnut…


Easter car trip 🙂
such a sweet baby 🙂


Mica I told you about well he loves her ❤



Last September I found a gray and white, two-week old tuxedo kitten. She was born between the wall of our house and was very cold, I brought her into the house and fed her warm milk and put her in a basket with a heating pad inside,  she was probably the loudest kitten ever she would mew over and over. Finally she stopped and went to sleep .


I regretted waking her up to feed her.                she started to mew again (loud of course).

Next we took her to the beach…


It was a little  frustrating  trying to feed her with a bottle,  she  would  spit formula every where and get it in her nose and eyes after that we used a dropper  which worked much better.

Now she a miniature cat, we take her out side once in a while, to get her used to the outdoors.